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Guide for Implementing/Integrating Working Life Skills in Master Degree Programme Teaching

Work placement periods in university studies : recommendations on the planning, implementation and reporting of internships and other work placement periods – for students, universities and employers

Internship TO DO list for the students, for the employer and for the degree programme

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BRIEFLY about Tyyli project (2015 – 2018) – bridging the gap between university studies and working life

The project targets the students and aims to improve their readiness to enter the working life and enhance equal employment opportunities. The project also improves motivation to study and proceed in studies. All these themes are interconnected. The project aims to enhance student´s equal possibilities to enter the work market already during their studies. Special attention is paid to the fields that do not directly lead to any specific profession.

The project partners are: Aalto University, the University of Lapland, Lappeenranta University of Technology, the University of Oulu, Tampere University of Technology, and the University of Turku.

The partner universities together develop new models to integrate training and working life periods into university curricula. Working periods during the studies (e.g. summer jobs) will be more goal oriented and the working experience will be evaluated from the learning by working point of view. Students would more often be granted credits for their work experience acquired during their studies. One of the aims of the project is that work experience would increasingly become acknowledged as study attainments. This way, students would be more likely to complete their degrees faster while benefiting from a relevant connection to working life.

The project aims to help the interaction between study programs and working life. It also wants to help the heads of study programs to renew their curricula. The project activities helps teachers to strengthen their know-how about working life and this way the project will give teachers more abilities in planning and implementing courses based on working life, making new contacts to working life, and supporting students in their career planning and employment. Employees and companies will be systematically integrated to participate in curricula and courses planning process.

The project will result as a set of best practices and models related to working life cooperation and working life expertize that can be utilized nationally and can be implemented in a number of study programs throughout the Finnish universities.

As such the project supports expertize exchange between the Finnish universities and makes it possible to develop nationwide cooperation models between the Finnish universities. It also creates new practices to integrate and cooperate between the universities and partners from the working life.

More information, contacts:

Merja Heikkilä
University of Oulu, +358 29 4487 390

Tari Rantasuo
tari.rantasuo[at], University of Oulu, p. 358 29 4487 455

Terhi Virkki-Hatakka
Lappeenranta University of Technology, p. +358 40 5056 439

Kirsti Haihu
University of Turku

Rauno Rusko
University of Lapland, p. +358 400 1590 88

Kirsti Keltikangas
Aalto University p. +358 50 4085 288

Eila Pajarre
Tampere University of Technology p. +358 50 3015 681